Since our team is from Turkish origin, we were fans of black seeds (chorekotu in Turkish) all along. From our grandmas spice cabinet it found its way to become one the world’s most beneficial super-seed. That is why we have chosen to bring this miracle to a global audience. 

Because of the vast historical and cultural background the black seed oil goes with many names. Such as, black cumin seed oil, black cumin oil, black caraway oil, black onion seed ,oil kalonji oil or kalongi oil, nigella sativa oil, or nigella oil.  

Let’s go into why we think it is a miracle,

Add a level of peppery taste and bunch of health benefits to your meals by putting few drops of black seed oil

3000 Years of History and Hundreds of Studies

From the ancient Anatolian civilisation Hittites; from Egyptian Emperor King Tut; from Greet Mythology, Christianity and Islam, black seed was mentioned as a miracle with great deal of healing capabilities.

Footprint that goes back 3000 years is something hard to ignore. This article makes a great introduction to the historical significance of black seed oil. We will make a separate section in our future blog posts.

These historical findings prove that it is not a hype that came recently but rather a historical gem that has been recently re-discovered. Most of the modern research has been made to understand its active compound thymoquinone (popularly known as TQ).

Researches are showing immune support, cognitive health, joint health, liver and digestive support as some of the benefits. In this article written in 2017 that goes through more than 150 scientific studies noted “TQ has enormous potential for its clinical usage and pharmaceutical development”.

Simply by adding this cold pressed black seed oil to your daily regimen, you can enjoy some great results for your skin, body, hair and more! As the prophet Mohammed says “it cures anything but death”.

We all deserve a healthy lifestyle and we think as CoolCow, it is our duty to bring you the right source and knowledge to achieve it. 😊

Even miracles take a little time. Be patient and consistent when you decide to go on a healthy diet, changes will surely happen by time.

Let’s examine some noted benefits of this miraculous oil! 

1) May Help to Reduce Cholesterol

Cholesterol is an oil-like substance found in our body. Of course, we need some of it to build healthy cells. Because it is the essential compound of our cell membranes.

However, accumulated in high amounts it  can develop fatty deposits in your blood vessels, eventually causing heart disease.

In a study of 94 people with high cholesterol diabetes, people consume 2 grams of black seed oil a day for 12 weeks, and at the end of these 12 weeks, their cholesterol is observed to decrease.

2) May Help to Fight Against Cancer

As the unhealthy lifestyles increase, cancer becomes one of the biggest threats of our century. Even at a young age, cancer cases started to emerge.

There are some notable researches(1)(2)(3)(4) made on black seed, black seed oil and thmoquinone that shows anti-cancer properties.

In another study, black seeds' active compounds has shown and ability to interfere with uncontrolled cell growth and liver cancer cell prevention.  Thymoquinone has been found to help controlling the growth and spread of several types of cancer cells.

A study conducted at Kimmel Cancer Center, at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia revealed that black seed destroyed pancreatic cancer cells.

These are some amazing findings. When we first heard about the benefits was too good to believe. But after reviewing countless research and data, the history, we understood the value of this great seed.

Moreover, Dr. Gary Null of Progressive Radio Network said, “Black seed oil is probably the single most important oil you can put in your system”.

The researches and articles are giving us a sign to consider using it daily. The peppery after-taste might push you off at first but in the long run,  it is a very promising health supplement.

3) Asthma, Breathing Difficulties

You know that asthma is a chronic disease that blocks the airways and makes it difficult to breathe.  Asthma is a condition in which your airways narrow and swell and may produce extra mucus.

But what you might not have heard of is that, studies(1)(2)(3) have shown that black seed oil, and especially the thymoquinone in the oil, might help to alleviate symptoms of asthma by reducing inflammation in the airway and relaxing the muscles.

It also means that it will help with your airways and promote a healthy breathing whether you have a chronic breathing problem or not.

Breathing is really an important tool for our overall health, proper breathing has numerous health benefits.

4) May Protect Your Stomach

An ulcer is tissue loss that occurs as a result of destruction of the stomach or duodenum by stomach acid and digestive juices (eg pepsin).

Studies have shown that black seed oil may prevent the formation of ulcers by protecting the inner layer of the stomach.

In addition, in other studies, it was understood that it may treat and heal the stomach almost as much as stomach medicine.

5) Relation to Stress Reduction

At home, at school, at work, in traffic, we encounter stress in almost every aspect of our lives. It's important that we deal with it. Because otherwise stress starts to control us and drags down our quality of life.

In order for this not to happen and for us to live a better quality of life, it has become essential for us to manage stress. Black seed oil in the fight against stress is with us!

Studies have shown that people who use 500 mg of black seed oil, also known as Nigella sativa, have reported decreased stress levels after 8 weeks.

Conclusion and a Word of Caution

As a result, we have examined the miracles of black cumin and how it can help us in improving our health. Above we have reviewed the black seed oil's relation with cholesterol, stomach problems, cancer, asthma and stress. While we have shown studies that shows positive results on all the mentioned points, that is not all the capabilities!

As the benefits appears to be really great in all aspects, we should not forget that every person has their own unique system. Our body responds in different ways. Please listen to it before deciding to add black seed oil to your life. If you feel good, continue, otherwise follow your body's and your physician's advice.

We think it is our duty to reflect all the research-backed results as objective as possible. So that you can have an alternative and natural choice to support your health.

In the dawn of Covid-19 alongside following all the protective measures, what we can do for ourselves and for people around, is to improve our own health, our immune system. Choosing natural over artificial, and listening our body's guidance.

We hope the information above will offer you an idea about black seed oil.

Our deepest regards from CoolCow Team!