Coolcow's Story

Our recent visit to Nepalese organic farmer Ashok

CoolCow is founded in 2019 with 3 traveller nature enthusiast and a senior aromatherapist that aims to break the boundaries of wellness industry with a brand new wellness concept.

With our adventurous and nature loving CoolCow mascot we travel all over the world, from big cities to tiny villages. Connecting farmers, wellness experts, yoga and meditation instructors together to form a global wellness culture.

Foundation of CoolCow’s wellness products comes from the close bonds that the team established with the local initiatives. From soil to bottle, every step there is a touch of compassion and love of nature.

“Interaction over prescription” is our philosophy for aromatherapy. You are unique, despite all the research, your body may respond differently. Listen to your body, you know more than you think. We listen from our community and always be the advocate for self discovery. We interact and guide until you are happy with CoolCow.