You may wonder, what is a water soluble oil?

And what makes it special compared to oils that are available in the market?

Are they even safe to use?

CoolCow's first line of product collection is water soluble essential oil set. From day one we believed that it is very innovative but also undervalued. The fact that it can dissolve into water 100% while remaining therapeutic is something worthy to discover deeper. Not many people know about their true benefits.

That's why there are very little information available online. We are proudly selling them since January 2020 and we only received good input so far. We will cover water soluble essential oils and their advantages and also disadvantages in this post!

Of course it may seem that we are promoting our product, in a way that's also true. But our intention here is to offer an alternative to market where 99% is flooded with normal essential oils and very little known about this undiscovered gem. We think you may be surprised and may consider to give water soluble oils a try after reading this post!

Why We've Started Developing Water-Soluble Oils?

Water soluble essential oils were clearly lacking in the market. The ones that are being sold were low quality, highly adulterated, and synthetic.

That gives room for people to boo the water soluble oils without looking into it at depth. The fact is, water soluble essential oils can be as natural and therapeutic as standard essential oils if you know how to mix them correctly with quality ingredients and the right environment!

With our expertise in aromatherapy science in CoolCow, we aim to be the frontier to provide premium quality water soluble oils that gives significant value compared to standard fat-soluble oils.

How "Oil" can be "Water-Soluble"?

For the sake of clarity, we say water soluble essential oil when describing our product. But it creates confusion at the same time. Normally "oil" as we know does not mix with "water" right?

In fact, by adding an emulsifying agent you can reduce viscosity and surface tension of the oil and make it mixable with water.

Okay, you can have a "mixture" that can dissolve in water but you would be wasting your precious oil by adding a chemical filler inside that may undermine the benefits.

We have perfected the science of water soluble essential oils in our research lab. We never use chemicals. Our essential oils are blended with nutmeg extract and yeast under very specific conditions and they produce enzymes that make the magical water soluble oil as an outcome. That's right, no chemicals, no alcohol or synthetic esters. All-natural!

Key Advantages of Using Water Soluble Essential Oils

#1: Less Volatile

Have you ever experienced accidentally spilling essential oils on table and how instantly it evaporates? Because essential oils are highly volatile and unstable in the presence of oxygen. It means as soon as the oil contacts with open air the oil benefits starts to fly away. This ultimately limits their effectiveness in most applications. Imagine you want to wipe-off your kitchen with tea tree + water mixed wipe. Most of the oil will be flying away even before you start cleaning.

On the other hand, water soluble essential oils are stable and do not fly away when it contacts open air. When you try the same thing with water soluble oils you will not only dissolve the essential oils into water 100% you will be also keeping their benefits much longer because they will not get evaporated like essential oils. This advantage alone makes a huge difference.

Using water soluble oils with a sprayer applied to wipes have a lot of use cases. That's why the multi-national personal care giant Kimberly-Clark spent millions of dollars into research for developing water soluble essential oils to be used on wipes.

Another research from Japan with water soluble essential oils showing even 1/100 percent diluted water soluble oils can reduce antibacterial amounts by 30 percent compared to spray with only water and ester. Making them very effective and cost-saving home and personal cleaning products.

#2: Diffuser's Best Friend

Diffusers are designed to atomize essential oils into particles and disperse them to the air for therapeutic benefits.

Sounds easy peasy, right?

But reality is not like that. 

A drop on the diffuser remains on top, never blending with water and not dissolving evenly. It's no surprise that when you search diffuser blog post you can't miss tutorials about [how to clean your clogged diffuser].

If the diffuser was designed to diffuse oils why it makes so much hassle?

Luckily we have a better option. Water soluble oils are the perfect partner for essential oil diffusers.

Because they can dissolve in water,

  • Aroma spreads to every particle of water. Resulting in even and consistent essential oil mist.
  • It cannot clog the machine, longer and better diffuser performance.
  • It's very easy to clean, just use water to rinse.

#3: Enhances Your Bath and SPA

Have you ever tried essential oils in your bath or spa? Then you will love water soluble oils even more.

When water soluble oil mix with water it not only releases a pleasant aroma, it also gives all the therapeutic benefits of the oil.

You cannot really get it with normal oils because they would just float. Same thing while using steamer rooms, moist towel treatments, or facial steamers. The experience just gets better.

#4: Faster Use, No need to wait for oil to "mature"

Each time you blend you essential oil with a carrier or another essential oil, you should give at least 6-12 hours for the oil to mature.

So that the aroma can develop and it can be more effective.

However, water soluble essential oils if you use them with water, do not require to be waited for so long for maturing. You can just make your blend, mix with water, and use them right away!

#5: A Must-Try Skincare Ingredient

Remember we mention yeast in the ingredients?

Did you know about the amazing benefits of using yeast in your skincare routine?

Because yeast is rich in vitamin b complex, very good for dry skin, reducing acne and wrinkles. When you make a cream, lotion, or just water-spray (including all water-based uses) you're actually regenerating and healing your skin every time.

This is a plus added value that doesn't have in regular essential oils. Because of CoolCow's cutting edge fermentation technology we can keep natural essential oils with extra benefits from yeast.

OK, What's the Catch? It can't be that good, right?

I see what you're saying. We sound over-confident and hyping on our product.

Of course, we do not discourage essential oils, we also sell normal essential oils too. But, because of the lacking information available online we've felt the urge of writing about this fantastic product.

We hope that in the future more people can adopt water soluble essential oils and it can get the popularity it deserves.

But there are disadvantages of water soluble oils too! Just as we have with standard oils.

  • They can be very thick (high viscous), making them hard to drop. We've received complaints about people failing to take the oil out of the bottle.
  • There is no such thing as 100% undiluted water soluble oil. At least 35% percent of essential oil is diluted in order to ferment the yeast to produce water soluble oil.
  • It leaves a faint white colour and bubbles after dissolving. May look a little weird or off but that's a natural outcome.
  • If someone has an allergy to yeast they should be varied and must apply a patch test before using them.

The biggest disadvantage can be dilution but that's also the main component that makes the oil water soluble. In reality, the performance gets higher even if the oil is diluted.

For example, if you're using 6-7 drops of essential oil, you may need 10 drops of water soluble to get the same effect. But you will get it much better performance and with a better price.

To Wrap Up:

If you're using quality essential oils, you're already doing a big contribution to your overall health and wellbeing.

But only seeking the standard "undiluted" essential oils may not be the only choice you have. Because oils do not mix with water and highly volatile, they have some limitations.

CoolCow's smart technology offers the benefits of essential oils in a much more stable form with numerous exciting use cases.

I do hope you've enjoyed reading. Do not hesitate to contact me if you're interested in trying water soluble oils but not sure where to start.

 Feel free to post your questions below.